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Mar 14

Martin, it's already now! ☝: A conversation with Jon Rafman about the Kool-Aid Man (in Second Life) →

Martin Kohout: btw a friend of mine asked me if i could ask you what exactly means kool-aid man contemporarily? i mean we both know the history of it via wikipedia, but it’s still hard for an european to judge what it really means in american culture

Jon Rafman: whoa that’s a big…

Mar 14

Authentic Jobs: Ate my own dog food, and it wasn't half bad. →


Screenshot of the Authentic Jobs listing for Front-End Developer

I started Authentic Jobs six years ago with the intent of connecting companies and creative professionals to make a better web. Little did I realize the company proper, Authentic Jobs Inc., would be one of those who — not once but several times over — made the connection with creative…

Mar 14

Save A Defense of →


It’s always nice to wake up and find out in the Times that your job is doomed. As they put it on Saturday morning, quoting the new CEO of the so-called Newsweek Daily Beast Company, Stephen Colvin: “ will cease to exist after the merger, and anyone who types the URL into their…

Mar 14


The New York Times R&D Lab Explores How Content is Shared

OWNI published its thoughts on the ten most creative digital projects of 2011. Included is work from MIT’s Media Lab, independent artists and scientists, design firms and open collaborations.

Above, we have Cascade from the New York Times R&D department.


Cascade is a by NYTimes R&D department that allows precise analysis of the structures that underlie sharing activity on the web. Initiated by Mark Hansen and working with Jer Thorp and Jake Porway (Data Scientist at the Times) the team spent 6 months building the tool to understand how information propagates through the social media space. While initially applied to New York Times stories and information, the tool and its underlying logic may be applied to any publisher or brand interested in understanding how its messages are shared.

Take some time to click through to watch some inspiration.

Mar 14



Forget copyright infringement, YouTube is now complying with removal orders from governments to stop populist rage going viral

In a frightening example of how the state is tightening its grip around the free Internet, it has emerged that You Tube is complying with thousands of…

Mar 14

Louis and Lucille Armstrong, Egypt, 1961.


Louis and Lucille Armstrong, Egypt, 1961.

Mar 14

Dan Harmon Poops: Fine, we're geniuses but not EVIL geniuses. →


(this is a post for Community fans, clarifying an odd rumor about a recent episode. No need to read more if you’re not absurdly obsessed with our show).

I have been trying not to read reviews, and especially the discussions under them, this season, as I have become emotionally fused with our TV…

Mar 14

Doll #18Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation
As promised, a brand new Parks and Rec doll.  There were just too many great things to include, I had to leave a few for another time.  


Doll #18
Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

As promised, a brand new Parks and Rec doll.  There were just too many great things to include, I had to leave a few for another time.  

Mar 14

Hacked on Xbox: Microsoft: A Company With No Brains, Heart or Soul →




I am not the type of person who enjoys drawing attention to herself or making a fuss. I have never snapped at a customer service representative, I have never written a negative review and I have certainly never launched a…

Mar 14


“Mommy, they are just like me.” 

My oldest son is six years old and in love for the first time.  He is in love with Blaine from Glee. 

For those who don’t know Blaine is a boy…a gay boy, the boyfriend of one of the main characters, Kurt.

This isn’t a ‘he thinks Blaine is really cool’ kind of love.  It is a mooning at a picture of Blaine’s face for a half hour followed by a wistful “He’s so pretty” kind of love.

He loves the episode where two boys kiss.  My son will call people in from other parts of the house to make sure they don’t miss his ‘favorite part.’  He’s been known to rewind it and watch it over again…and force other to, as well, if he doesn’t think people have been paying enough attention.

This infatuation doesn’t bother me or his father.  We live in a very hip-liberal neighborhood, many of our friends are gay, and idea of having a gay son isn’t something that bothers either of us.  Our son is going to be who he is, and it is our job to love him.  End of story.

He is also six.  Six year olds get obsessed with all kinds of things.  This might not mean anything at all.  We always joke that he’s either gay, or we have the best blackmail material in the history of mankind when he’s a 16 year old straight boy. (Take that naked bath time pictures!)

Then the other day we were traveling across the state listening to the Warblers album (of course), and in the middle of Candles, my son pipes up from the back seat.

“Mommy, Kurt and Blaine are boyfriends.”

“Yes, they are,” I affirm.

“They don’t like kissing girls.  They just kiss boys.”

“That’s true.”

“Mommy, they are just like me.”

“That’s great, baby.  You know I love you no matter what?”

“I know…” I could hear him rolling his eyes at me.

When we got home I recapped this conversation to his Dad, and we stood simply looking into each other’s eyes for a moment.  Then we smiled.

“So if at 16 he wants to make a big announcement at the dinner table, we can say ‘You told us when you were six.  Pass the carrots’ and he’ll be disappointed we stole his big dramatic moment,” my husband says with a laugh and hugs me.

Only time will tell if my son is gay, but if he is I am glad he’s mine.  I am glad he has been born into our family.  A family full of people who will love and accept him.  People who will never want him to change.  With parents who will look forward to dancing at his wedding.

And I have to admit, Blaine would be a really cute son-in-law.